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NTS Investigations is a professional, discreet and reliable private investigation and detective company based in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. We are owned by a retired police officer with many years experience of practical investigation, evidence gathering and surveillance. We provide services of the highest standards - developed through many years of police training and accreditation.

At NTS Investigations we aim to be different. From the very start, we base our service on your needs and not ours. Our aim is simple. To help you to resolve your problem however simple or complex, corporate or private. There is no 'hard sell' with us and no false promises, just lots of hard work with discretion assuring reliable and high-quality results for you.

Although based in Mansfield NTS investigations operate locally, regionally and nationally. We don’t pretend to have offices in different towns and locations as many other private detective agencies claim to have. It is easy for a national company to use web site trickery to display a local website address or telephone number pretending to be locally based. How can you genuinely trust a company who operates like that? Make sure you ask the right questions when speaking to other private investigation companies or you may be disappointed.

By using NTS Investigations you will get genuine, nationally accredited ex-government approved detectives trained by the UK police service.

Questions to Ask Private Investigation Companies

Not every private investigation company employs trained and experienced ex-police detectives having the nationally recognised skills accreditation so be careful.

Important Questions:

  • Are detectives properly qualified?
  • Are their qualifications properly recognised?
  • Are they experienced?
  • Are they ex-police with a good service record?
  • Police detectives or just police officers?

Be properly prepared. Ask the right questions.

NTS Investigations' detectives are amongst the most highly skilled having recognised national qualifications so don't accept less when you can have the best.

We also offer a free initial consultation!

For a free consultation, expert advice, a quote or to simply ask us a question,
please contact us now. It might be the best step you take to properly resolve your issue.