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Business Investigations and Services

As a business or corporate client, NTS Investigations offers you a professional, discreet and reliable private investigation service for your company, business or enterprise - whatever you require.

  • Does your business have trouble with a disruptive or difficult employee?
  • Do you suspect a staff member of false absenteeism, making false claims or straightforward theft from your business?
  • Is your company or business being subjected to fraud, blackmail or other business crime?

The need to occasionally investigate a business employee is a sad fact of life. False qualifications and CV's, sickness or injury claims, overtime, mileage and working hours are all too often exaggerated or in some cases suspected to be a complete fabrication. Contracts managers can fail to manage, sales managers may steal your clients and client lists and set up in competition. Staff and contractors may steal from your company.

Business-related investigations do not have to be complicated or expensive. Based in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, NTS Investigations has many years practical experience in business, private and formal investigations, evidence gathering and surveillance. We provide business services of the highest standards - developed through years of police training and accreditation.

Our ex-police nationally accredited private detectives and surveillance operatives can solve internal business thefts and frauds, monitor inappropriate management activities, recover stolen goods and film employees claiming to be long-term sick or disabled whilst they take part in activities suggesting conclusions to the contrary.

We utilise extensive modern day technical equipment and techniques. We can also design and supply bespoke equipment for your business needs configured and installed covertly using our expert surveillance engineers. Our GPS vehicle tracking systems may be installed in or under any vehicle which will allow you to monitor the location of any company vehicle 24 hours a day in live time.

By choosing NTS Investigations to work with your business you will get genuine, nationally accredited ex-government approved and experienced detectives trained by the UK police service. Our case papers and reports are prepared and presented meeting the high standards demanded by British legal services courts ready to be handed to any prosecuting agency for use as evidence if required.

For expert advice, a quote or to simply ask us a question, please contact us now. For the sake of your business, it may be the best move you make to properly resolve your business issues.