a Mansfield based private detective agency

How much will your services cost?

Private detective agencies can charge £60-£100 per hour, however, be careful as not every private investigation company employs trained and experienced ex-police detectives with nationally recognised skills and accreditation.

At NTS Investigations we will judge all cases individually and in consultation, with you, we will formulate a bespoke investigation plan which will provide you with the best quality of service for your money. We will provide you with a clear quotation to deliver the plan. There is no point paying for cheaper services if the end results are not completed to an acceptable standard, especially if matters are likely to be heard in a court

Our reputation matters and we know high-quality results are important. We will provide you with a realistic quotation up front and will not charge you inflated rates or hidden costs. We offer a free consultation before any investigation or operation and will agree with operating procedures and parameters with you from the start. You will not find more qualified detectives elsewhere with a similar level of UK police experience and nationally recognised accreditation as NTS Investigations.

Feel free to ask other detective agencies for a quotation then come to us to guarantee the best value and results for the money.

For expert advice, a quote or to simply ask us a question, please contact us now. Let us do the work for you.