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Questions to Ask Private Investigation Companies

Questions to Ask Private Investigation Companies. What you should know before you hire a private investigator.

There are now numerous investigation agencies operating throughout the country and there is little formal regulation or licensing so please be wary of their credentials. Make sure you ask the right questions and don't be fooled by a fancy website.

Some agencies also operate with very little recognised training or accreditation so in choosing a private detective agency we suggest you ask some careful questions to ensure you get a proper service;

British Police detectives are considered to be the best all over the world. Consider recent cases where British detectives have travelled to other countries to assist with cases – murder, missing persons, piracy, kidnap and extortion. Most local private investigators do not have the recognised skills or abilities to perform their role.

Ensure you ask:

  • Are your private detectives qualified, trained and accredited in investigation and surveillance?
  • Do they have national qualifications recognised by UK police, courts and Government organisations?
  • What real investigatory and surveillance experience do their investigators have?
  • If ex-police - How long were they a police detective and why did they leave? Retirement is fine but did they underperform or worse and have to leave earlier?
  • What nationally recognised police training centre did they attend - only a few are accredited detective training centres.
  • If ex-military - What type of investigation and surveillance operations did they carried out whilst serving – most will avoid the question and mention a BTEC or similar course prior to leaving the service.

Not every private investigation company employs trained and experienced ex-police detectives with nationally recognised skills accreditation.

NTS Investigation detectives are amongst the most highly skilled having recognised national qualifications so don`t accept less when you can have the best.

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