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NTS Investigations - About Us

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NTS Investigations is a discreet and reliable private investigation company based in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. As we are owned by a retired police officer with many years experience of practical investigation, evidence gathering and surveillance, the services we provide meet the highest standards developed through many years of police training and accreditation. Not every private investigation company employs trained and experienced ex-police detectives with nationally recognised investigation skills and accreditation.

At NTS Investigations we want to be different as we base our service from the very start on your needs and not ours. Our aim is simple. To help you to resolve your problem however simple or complex, corporate or private. There is no 'hard sell' with us and no false promises, just lots of hard work carried out with discretion assuring reliable and high-quality results.

Although based in Mansfield we operate locally covering Mansfield Worksop Newark Nottingham and all surrounding areas, regionally Yorkshire- Sheffield Barnsley Doncaster Leeds Wakefield and surrounding areas Derbyshire - Derby Chesterfield Buxton and surrounding areas Lincolnshire - Lincoln Grantham Sleaford Boston and surrounding areas Leicestershire- Leicester Coalville and surrounding areas and nationally/internationally. We don’t pretend to have offices in different towns and locations as many other so-called private detective agencies claim to have. Website trickery can easily display a website address or telephone number reflecting the location you have searched for but you will find you are transferred to a national office. How can you genuinely trust a company operating like that?

There are only a few genuine Mansfield based private detective agencies and at NTS Investigations we will only provide you with genuine, nationally accredited ex-government approved detectives trained by the UK police service. Why use another local private detection agency when you can use NTS Investigations and get properly trained and experienced staff?

It is important to understand that private investigation needs to be conducted by trained and accredited individuals.

All our investigators are highly skilled in all forms of surveillance and are trained to the highest ACPO Close Protection Officer standards. Full consideration is given to all relevant legislation in our investigations including the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act, Data Protection Acts, Human Rights Acts and Protection from Harassment Act. Our specialist officers are experts in undercover investigations, with exemplary knowledge and experience of trained police methods and the law to assist in effectively undertaking an undercover operation.

Consider this: To operate within a RIPA authority all staff should be properly accredited. Can you take the chance of your investigation failing through you choosing to use untrained or unaccredited detectives? Some other agencies will claim to have been operating for a number of years yet they still use personnel who are not nationally accredited or trained. Many have had no practical police or other law enforcement agency experience.

NTS Investigations' is owned by Neil Stent. Neil has been involved in regional, national and international investigations and has worked as a detective for a number of Government agencies. As a Nottinghamshire Police detective, he was involved in setting up their force surveillance unit in 1989 when only the Metropolitan Police Service and the West Midlands and Greater Manchester forces had the dedicated surveillance units. Neil operated as a surveillance instructor for the Nottinghamshire Police and he is able to use his expertise within our company.

It is important to understand that private investigation, and surveillance, in particular, needs to be conducted by trained and accredited individuals for you to secure high-quality results, especially where evidence may be subject of court proceedings. Don't waste your money on private investigation companies who cannot prove their credentials.

For expert advice, a quote or to simply ask us a question, please contact us now. It might be the best step you can take to properly resolve your issue.