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Private Client Investigations and Services

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Private Client Investigations and Services offering you a professional, discreet, reliable, private investigation service. Business or Private

  • Are you embarking on a new relationship and want private background checks before becoming more committed?
  • Are you are already in a relationship and suspect your partner is having an affair?
  • Are you going through an acrimonious divorce or break up?

We can confirm your suspicions and help to put your mind at rest by carrying out a discreet but thorough investigation into important areas of their life. Likewise, we can gather information on an ex-partner's current lifestyle through discreet enquiries, use of surveillance techniques and other background checks to support a divorce or other legal process. Whatever your need NTS Investigations has a wide range of investigation skills and resources available to assist you as a private client. All you need to do is ask.

Based in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire we have many years practical experience in private and formal investigations, evidence gathering and surveillance. We provide services of the highest standards - developed through years of police training and accreditation. By using NTS Investigations you will get genuine, nationally accredited ex-government approved detectives trained by the UK police service.

For expert advice, a quote or to simply ask us a question, please contact us now. It may be the best move you make to properly resolve your issue or put your mind at rest..