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Private investigation of Relationships and Matrimonial

Private investigation of Relationships and Matrimonial. Some of our more general private investigation work involves gathering information on people involved in relationships and matrimonial situations whilst operating with complete and total confidentiality. Research shows that not knowing the truth about a partner's hidden relationships can sometimes be worse than handling the reality of a matrimonial affair once it is uncovered.

Based in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire we have many years practical experience in private investigation of relationships and Matrimonial affairs plus private and formal investigations, evidence gathering and surveillance and we work locally, regionally and nationally. Our detectives have years of police training and accreditation and they will use their skills to gather information on people from various sources, by attending locations and other techniques to produce the information on their relationships. Information and evidence will be reported back confirmed with photographs and other evidence where appropriate.

We do understand how lies, suspicion and accusations can destroy the trust in a relationship. Our staff will always listen sympathetically and offer you free qualified advice on all of our services including surveillance equipment and techniques that can assist in resolving your situation. We have car tracking systems, surveillance equipment, hidden cameras and listening devices to help us uncover what you need to know about an affair, lie or other deceitful situation. If your partner is cheating we WILL catch them. If they are not we will be able to satisfy you that your suspicions are wrong giving you peace of mind to move forward with your life.

If you have discovered an affair or your partner's behaviour is unacceptable and divorce seems likely we can supply you with the evidence you need to prove your case and negotiate a favourable settlement.

The evidence we can provide through our research, car tracking systems and video surveillance will enable you to prove where your partner was at any given time, what they said and what they did. NTS Investigations is registered with the UK Data Commissioner and any information we supply will be obtained lawfully by access to legitimate databases, or authorised forensic examination of equipment. To use a common expression we do not ‘hack’ mobile phones, computers or emails.

By using NTS Investigations you will get genuine, nationally accredited ex-government approved detectives trained by the UK police service and experienced in investigation people.

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