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Investigations Surveillance for Local Authority support services

As a local authority client, NTS Investigations offers you a professional, discreet and reliable private investigation service for internal or external enforcement purposes. As forerunners in the development of Local Authority ASBO teams, NTS Investigations can provide professional surveillance and legal support services to local authorities requiring assistance in criminal and civil investigations.

For example we can assist by conducting investigations of criminal damage, fraud, theft, fly-tipping, anti-social behaviour and investigation of fraudulent right to buy claims. We also carry out internal investigations into employee suspected false qualifications and CV's, sickness or injury claims, overtime, mileage and false working hours. Staff and contractors may steal from your authority or premises.

NTS Investigations' investigators will assist local authorities at all stages of an investigation where required by advising on RIPA, surveillance and equipment, investigation strategy, existing and potential evidential value. We will also act as professional witnesses in cases where residents or complainants are too afraid to come forward.

Our ex-police nationally accredited private detectives and surveillance operatives will respond to urgent situations the same day if necessary.
We utilise extensive modern day technical equipment and techniques and can also design and supply bespoke equipment for your authority or investigation needs configured and installed covertly using our expert technical engineers.

For witness and suspect interviewing, our officers are trained in the PEACE Model: a proven police methodology for investigative interviews. With advanced planning, listening, questioning and rapport-building skills, our officers can call upon years of experience to gather evidence from suspect and witness interviewing.

By choosing NTS Investigations to work with your local authority you will get genuine, nationally accredited ex-government approved and experienced detectives trained by the UK police service. Our case papers and reports are prepared and presented meeting the high standards demanded by British legal services courts ready to be handed to any prosecuting agency for use as evidence if required.

For expert advice, a quote or to simply ask us a question, please contact us now. For the sake of your business it may be the best move you make to properly resolve your business issues.